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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Arizona

The State of Arizona holds a limited reciprocal licensing agreement for General Contractors in Utah.  This limited agreement allows Utah-licensed contractors to obtain a license from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ARC) without having to pass the Arizona Trade Exam.

Reciprocity exists between Arizona and Utah because the license classifications, scope of work and requirements between the two states are similar.

The ARC may also waive the trade exam upon request for General Contractors licensed in California, Nevada and other states, if their license classification, scope of work and state’s trade examination are equivalent to the Arizona Trade Exam.

Reciprocal License Classifications in Arizona

The trade exam waiver in Arizona only exists through reciprocity with Utah, or by request, for General Contractors licensed in other states.  All contractors are responsible for proving that they (more…)

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Electrical Contractor Licensing in Arizona

Electrical Contractors in the State of Arizona are required to obtain a license through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.  The Registrar is responsible for licensing contractors in all areas of the construction industry, including the electrical trade.

As part of the licensing process, Electrical Contractors are required to prove a number of years of work experience, pass a qualifying examination and (more…)

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General Contractor License in Arizona

The State of Arizona regulates their construction industry by requiring anyone who contracts or offers to contract work on construction projects to hold a general contractor’s license.  The Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ARC) is responsible for determining eligibility and issuing licenses.

There are three different license classifications for general contractors in the State of Arizona: (more…)