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Electrical Contractor Licensing in Delaware

It is illegal to perform electrical work or to offer electrical services in the State of Delaware without a license.  Electrical Contractors are required to hold a license from the Division of Professional Regulations’ Board of Electrical Examiners.

The Board protects the welfare and safety of the public by maintaining professional standards and ensuring that all licensed persons are competent to perform electrical work.  As part of the licensing process, contractors are required to (more…)

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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Delaware

The State of Delaware does not have reciprocal agreements with other states for General Contractors.  This is because Delaware offers a non-resident contractor application packet as part of their registration and business licensing process.

Out-of-state contractors who want to work on construction projects in Delaware must apply for a registration and business license from the DE Division of Revenue.  As part of the licensing and registration process, contractors are required to: (more…)

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General Contractor Registration and Business Licensing in Delaware

The Delaware Division of Revenue regulates the construction industry in the State of Delaware by requiring all General Contractors to register and obtain a business license.  Any person participating in the business of building, constructing, repairing, altering, dismantling or demolishing any building or structure in the State of Delaware must be properly registered and hold a business license.  This includes subcontractors and specialty tradesmen; as well as resident and non-resident contractors.  To do business as a contractor in Delaware, it is required that all persons and businesses and become licensed with the Division of Revenue.

To obtain the proper registration and business licensing, all business entities and tax withholding agents must (more…)