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Electrical Contractor Licensing in Illinois – By City

The State of Illinois does not handle the licensing of Electrical Contractors.  Instead, the licensing and registration of Electrical Contractors is handled at the local-level, by the city, county or municipality in which the contractor chooses to work.

Before beginning work on an electrical project, it is important that contractors check with the local jurisdiction, planning or building department to determine what is required.

Below is a brief explanation of the licensing and registration process for some of the larger cities in the State of Illinois. (more…)

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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Illinois

The State of Illinois does not hold reciprocity agreements for General Contractors in other states.  This is because the licensing and permitting of General Contractors is handled at the local-level rather than the state-level in Illinois.

General Contractors must check the local laws and ordinances of their city or county, to work on residential and commercial construction projects.  Many cities and counties in Illinois require (more…)

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General Contractor Licensing in Illinois- By City

The State of Illinois, as a whole, does not regulate the construction industry.  Instead, individual cities and municipalities have created laws to regulate general contractors in Illinois.  Before a contractor begins work on any residential or commercial project, they must first check with their city or county to see what permits and licenses they are required to hold.

Any regulation that the city sets is put in place to protect the public. These laws ensure that any work and service offered by general contractors is of the highest quality, and meets the appropriate safety standards.

Below are some of the regulations and laws set by some of the larger cities in Illinois. (more…)