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Electrical Contractor Licensing in Indiana- By City

The licensing of Electrical Contractors is handled at the local-level rather than the state-level in Indiana.  Electrical Contractors in the State of Indiana must refer to their local jurisdiction for licensing.

Before beginning work on an electrical project, it is important that contractors check with their city, town or municipality’s building or planning department to determine what is required.  Most cities in Indiana require contractors to obtain a license or registration, pass a qualifying exam and (more…)

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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Indiana

The State of Indiana does not hold reciprocal licensing agreements with other states for General Contractors.  This is because contractor licensing and registration is handled at the local-level rather than the state-level in Indiana.

Out-of-state General Contractors must check the local laws and ordinances of the city, county or municipality in which they plan to work.  Many cities in Indiana require General Contractors to hold a license or registration and pass a qualifying exam before beginning work on a construction project.

*Contractors should always notify the local licensing board/entity if they hold a General Contractor License in another state. 


For more information about local registration and licensing regulations in the State of Indiana, please visit:

Indiana General Contractor Regulations

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Indiana General Contractor Regulations – By City

The State of Indiana does not have regulations for licensing General Contractors at the state level.  The only contractors who are required to obtain a license from the state are plumbing contractors.  Instead, General Contractor licensing and registration is conducted at the local level.  Many cities in Indiana require contractors to apply for a license, register or obtain a permit.  In some cases, contractors are also required to pass a qualifying exam.

Below are the license and registration requirements for some of the larger cities in the State of Indiana (more…)