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Electrical Contractor Licensing in Iowa

Any person or business performing electrical work in the State of Iowa must hold a license.  Licenses are issued by the Iowa Electrical Examining Board of the Department of Public Safety’s State Fire Marshal Division.

As part of the licensing process, the Board asks that contractors meet the requirements for education, training and/or employment, and pass an examination based on their chosen license classification.

License Types, Classifications and Endorsements for Electrical Contractors in Iowa

The Iowa Electrical Examining Board offers the following license types, classifications and endorsements to Electrical Contractors: (more…)

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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Iowa

The State of Iowa does not hold reciprocal licensing agreements with other states for General Contractors.  This is because Iowa offers registration for contractors, rather than licensing.

Out-of-state contractors who want to work in the State of Iowa must register with the Iowa Division of Labor.  Registration is required if the contractor makes more than $2,000 per year on construction projects.

As part of the registration process, contractors are required to:

  • Fill out and submit an application to the Iowa Division of Labor along with all the required documents and fees
  • Register with the Iowa Secretary of State, depending on the business type the contractor operates
  • Obtain a business license from the state, authorizing the contractor to conduct business in Iowa
  • Obtain the proper tax identification numbers
  • Obtain worker’s compensation insurance


All out-of-state contractors are also required to (more…)

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General Contractor Registration in Iowa

The Iowa Division of Labor regulates the construction industry by requiring all General and Construction Contractors to hold a registration if they make $2,000 or more per year.  General Contractors who make over $2,000 a year must complete the registration process and hold the proper forms of insurance before they may begin work on a construction project.  The State of Iowa does not have an education, work experience or examination requirement to obtain registration.

General Contractor registration protects the interest and safety of the public in the State of Iowa.  The Iowa Division of Labor requires (more…)