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Electrical Contractor Licensing in Texas

The State of Texas requires Electrical Contractors to hold a license.  Licenses are issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).  Contractors are required to hold a license when performing the repair, installation or extension of electrical wiring systems and equipment.  This includes labor or materials inside, outside or attached to any building or structure.

As part of the licensing process, contractors are required to meet all TDLR requirements, submit an application and (more…)

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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Texas

The State of Texas does not hold reciprocal license agreements for General Contractors in any other states across the county.  This is because the State of Texas does not license General Contractors at the state-level.

All licensing and permit requirements for General Contractors in Texas are handled by the local city, county or town in which the contractor plans to conduct business.  In most cases, the local government requires contractors to hold the proper building permits for their projects.


For more information about local regulations for General Contractors in the State of Texas, please visit:

General Contractor Licensing in Texas

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General Contractor Licensing in Texas

Texas does not issue licenses to general contractors at the state level.  Instead, cities and counties within the state handle and regulate the construction industry.  Most cities and counties in the State of Texas require general contractors to apply for a building permit if they plan to construct, alter, repair, or demolish a building or structure.  In some areas, the city may simply require general contractors to sign a document saying that they understand and plan to follow various restrictions and codes before beginning a project.

*The State of Texas issues licenses to general contractors who work on, repair or make alterations to manufactured homes.  For more information, please visit the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs for more information: http://www.tdhca.state.tx.us/mh/

Below is a brief explanation of the regulations for general contractors in some of the larger cities in Texas. (more…)