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Electrical Contractor Licensing in Vermont

The Vermont Division of Fire Safety is responsible for the licensing of various trades-related professions throughout the state, including Electrical Contractors.  The Division’s Electrical Safety Program and Licensing Board helps to reduce the risk of  injuries and fatalities by requiring licensing for all persons performing electrical work.

The Board ensures that all Electrical Contractors have the skills and knowledge to perform work on electrical projects by adhering to and enforcing nationally recognized safety codes.  As part of the licensing process, contractors are required to meet the Board’s requirements for work experience and training, and pass an exam. (more…)

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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Vermont

The State of Vermont does not have reciprocal licensing agreements with other states for General Contractors.  This is because licensing is handled on the local-level, rather than the state-level in Vermont.  Requirements and ordinances are put in place by the local planning or building department.

Out-of-state contractors who want to work on construction projects in Vermont must check the laws and ordinances of the city, county or town in which they plan to work.  Most cities require contractors to (more…)

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Vermont General Contractor Regulations- By City

The State of Vermont does not regulate their construction industry at the state-level.  General Contractors are not required to obtain a license from the state.  However, before the start of a project, contractors must check the local laws and ordinances for their county or city to determine what is needed.  Many cities in Vermont regulate construction by requiring contractors to obtain or work under the proper building and zoning permits for their projects.

Below are the building and zoning permit requirements for contractors in some of the larger cities in the State of Vermont. (more…)