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Electrical Contractor Licensing in Georgia

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Electrical Contractors in the State of Georgia are required to obtain and hold a license from the Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board.  Licenses are issued by the Board’s Division of Electrical Contractors.  The Board and Division regularly meet to decide if applicants have the skills, knowledge and the experience to safely work as an Electrical Contractor within the state.

As part of the licensing process, contractors are required to prove that they meet the requirements for work experience.  Contractors are also required to take and pass an exam and complete continuing education courses prior to renewal.

License Classifications for Electrical Contractors in Georgia

The Board’s Electrical Division offers two different license classifications to Electrical Contractors:

  1. Class I License- limits contractors to jobs involving single-phase electrical installations of 200 amperes, or less, at the service drop or the service lateral
  2. Class II License- does not limit or restrict contractors in the type of jobs they may perform
*In order to perform low voltage work, contractors are required to apply for a special Low Voltage Contractor license from the state.  For more information, contact the Board at:

Process to Obtain an Electrical Contractor License in Georgia

  1. Contractors must be at least 21 years old
  2. Contractors must have at least 4 years of work experience in the field of electrical contracting. In some cases education and/or training may count toward a portion of the experience requirement.
  3. Contractors must complete and submit an application to the Board along with all the required documents and fees
  4. Once approved to take the exam, contractors must complete and submit an exam scheduling form to AMP along with the examination fee
  5. Contractors must take and pass the exam, administered by AMP, with a score of at least 70%

Preparing to Submit an Application

All contractors must gain approval to take the exam and prove that they meet the Board’s licensing requirements by submitting an application.  In order to qualify to take the exam, the contractor must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have at least 4 years of work experience in the field of electrical contracting. All work experience must be in compliance with Georgia Electrical Code or National Electrical Code.  In some cases, 1-2 years of vocational education and/or technical training may count toward a portion of the work experience requirement.  For more information about the specific forms of work experience and the types of installation experience required, please visit: Statewide Electrical Contractor License Rules and Regulations
  • All Class II license applicants must prove that they have performed installations of single-phase systems in excess of 200 amperes.
  • Provide 3 notarized references from licensed professionals with first-hand knowledge of the contractor’s character and work experience. At least one of these references must be a licensed electrical contractor.  Class II applicants must provide an unrestricted electrical contractor reference.  All Electrical Contractor references must provide their registration number.
  • Submit a background check from local law enforcement or a private background investigation agency.
  • Provide answers to all personal history questions on the application
  • Sign and notarize the application
*Please note that all electrical contracting businesses are required to be in compliance with Federal, State and Local laws for operating a business.  For more information, please visit Georgia’s First Stop Business Information Center.

Contractors can download a copy of the application from the Secretary of State’s website or apply online.

Contractors may also request a copy of the application by visiting the Board office at 237 Coliseum Drive in Macon, or by calling:

When filling out the application, be sure to read and follow all instructions.  Follow the application checklist to make sure that all the required documents are submitted.  The Board does not accept applications with missing or incomplete information.  Respond promptly, should the Board request any further information.

Contractors should make copies of all documents that they submit with their application for their records.

The Board requests that all applicants provide a valid, active email address on their application.  The Board will use this email address to communicate with the contractor about their application status, license and license renewal.

For questions about filling out the application, contact the Board at:


For a list of laws and rules that apply to all Georgia Electrical Contractors, please visit the Georgia State Rules and Regulations page, and Title 43, Chapter 14 for the specific laws applying to electrical contractors.

Submitting an Application

There is a non-refundable $30 application fee.  Make checks payable to “Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board.” 

Mail the completed application, along with all the required documents and fees to:

Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 31217-3858

All applications are due at least 60 days before the scheduled exam.  To view the exam dates and application deadlines, please visit the Secretary of State’s website.

The Board will issue an email to the contractor at the time that they receive their application.  Within approximately 45 days of receiving the application, the Board will notify the contractor of their application’s acceptance or denial.

Contractors may check the status of their application at the Georgia Board of Electrical Contractor’s website.
If the contractor’s application is accepted, the Board will send them a copy of the Candidate Information Bulletin, which contains all the information needed to schedule and prepare for the exam.

The Examination Process

All contractors are required to take and pass the Electrical Contractor Examination for either a Class I or Class II license.  The exam is administered by AMP.  Contractors must pass the computer-based exam with a minimum score of 70%.

The AMP Candidate Information Bulletin contains all the information needed to prepare for and schedule the exam.  The Board will send the contractor a copy of this bulletin at the time they accept the application.

It is the contractor’s responsibility to schedule their exam.  Exams are administered Monday through Saturday from 9am to 1:30pm.  Be sure to submit an exam scheduling form before the deadline.

Exam scheduling forms are accepted one of the following way:

  • Online
  • By mail:
    18000 W. 105th Street
    Olathe, KS 66061-7543
  • By Phone: 800-345-6559
*Available dates, times and testing locations will be provided upon scheduling the exam. 

The examination fee is $277, made payable to “AMP.”  Payments are accepted in the form of:

  • Company Check
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Money Order
*Personal checks are not accepted. 

On the day of the exam, be sure to arrive on time for the scheduled test.  AMP requires that all examinees bring 2 forms of identification with them, including:

  1. Government-issued photo identification bearing the contractor’s signature
  2. Second form of I.D. bearing the contractors name and signature

Score reports are issued within approximately 6 weeks.  If the contractor passes the exam, the Board will issue their license and identification card.

If the contractor does not pass the exam on the first attempt, they will receive another exam scheduling form so they may re-take the test.

For more information about the examination, contact AMP at:


How Long is a Georgia Electrical Contractors License Valid?

All Electrical Contractor Licenses in the State of Georgia are good for a period of 2 years.  Approximately 8 weeks before the license is set to expire, the Board will issue an email reminder for renewal.

Each year, contractors are required to complete 4 hours of Board-approved continuing education courses.  The continuing education requirement must be satisfied before the contractor renews their license.  For more information about continuing education, please visit:
The Secretary of State’s Website

The cost to renew a Class I or II Electrical Contractor license is $75.

For more information about renewal, contact the Board at:


Table of Fees

Fee What is it For? When is it Due?
$30 Application Fee for Electrical Contractor License Upon submitting the license application
$277 Examination Fee to take the Class I or Class II Electrical Contractor Exam Upon submitting the exam scheduling form or upon scheduling the exam online or by phone
$75 License Renewal Fee Every 2 years, upon renewing a Class I or Class II Electrical Contractor License

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