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Electrical Contractor Licensing in Maryland

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Electrical Contractors working in the State of Maryland are required to obtain a license.  Licenses are issued by the Maryland State Board of Master Electricians, which is part of the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, within the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation (DLLR).

As part of the licensing process, contractors are required to prove that they meet the Board’s requirements for work experience and pass a qualifying examination.

Various counties and jurisdictions within the state also require local-licensing in order to perform electrical work.  Therefore, it is important that all contractors also check with their local jurisdiction to determine the local licensing requirements.

License Classifications for Electrical Contractors in Maryland

The Board offers only one license classification to Electrical Contractors in the State of Maryland:

  • Master Electricians License

In order to work on electrical projects within the state, contractors must obtain this license classification.

Work Experience Requirement

The first step to obtaining a license is to take and pass the Maryland Master Electricians exam.  In order to qualify to take the exam, contractors must prove that they meet the Board’s requirement for work experience.

All contractors must have at least 7 years of work experience under the direct supervision of a licensed Master Electrician or a government employee with similar qualifications.

Acceptable work experiences include:

  • Being actively engaged in electrical work and services
  • Regular, full-time employment within the electrical trade
  • Working with all types of electrical equipment and apparatuses

In some cases, formal education and professional training, related to electrical installations, may count toward up to 3 years of the work experience requirement.

Once the contractor meets the requirement, they must register to take the exam.  Contractors must prove their work experience/ education by filling out the Experience Certification Form which is part of the exam registration packet.

The Examination Process

The Board holds a contract with PSI Services to administer the exam.  Once the contractor can prove that they meet the work experience requirement, they must register to take the Maryland Master Electrician Exam.

The exam takes 240 minute to complete and covers information related to electrical installations, including:

  • Code
  • Laws
  • Rules
  • Principals

The PSI Candidate Information Bulletin contains all the information needed to register for and prepare for the exam, including:

  • Exam Registration Form
  • Experience Certification Form
  • Study Materials
  • References
  • Sample Test Questions
  • Exam Content Outline

Applicants may register for the exam ONE of the following ways:

  • Online– follow the link for new user registration
  • By Phone- call PSI and use their automated system 24 hours a day.  Representative are standing by to assist callers during regular business hours:
    (800) 733-9267
  • Fax- when registering by fax, allow 4 business days for processing.  Fax the registration form and payment information to:
    (702) 932-2666.
  • By mail: allow approximately 2 weeks for processing when submitting the exam registration form by mail.  Complete the exam registration form from the Candidate Information Bulletin.  Mail the registration form and payment to:
PSI Licensure: Certification
3210 E Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV 89121

The cost to take the exam is $65.

PSI accepts payments in the form of:

  • Cashier’s Check or Money Order may payable to“PSI.”
  • Visa or Mastercard when applying online or by phone or fax

Once PSI accepts the exam registration form, it is the applicant’s responsibility to call PSI to schedule their exam.   To schedule an exam, call PSI at:  (800) 733-9267

Testing Centers are located in:

  • College Park
  • Baltimore
  • Salisbury
  • Hagerstown
  • Lanham
  • Crofton

On the day of the test, examinees should arrive at least 30 minutes for before their scheduled test to allow time for check-in.  They are also required to bring 2 forms of identification, including:

  1. A government issued photo id with the examinee’s signature; such as a driver’s license or passport
  2. Another form of identification with the examinee’s name and signature; such as a credit card or debit card.

Contractors must pass the exam with a score of 70% or higher.  Scores are issued same-day, before the contractor leaves the testing center.

If the contractor does not pass the exam on the first attempt, they must wait 30 days before they may re-register for the exam and pay the fee.

Once the contractor passes the exam, their score report will be needed during the official online license application process.

Preparing and Submitting an Application

Contractors must take and pass the examination before submitting a license application.  Upon passing the exam, the DLLR will provide the contractor a registration number and PIN to be used during the online application process.

The Board provides a secure online application process.  Please visit their website to go through the step-by-step online application.

The Board provides safeguards to ensure that all personal and sensitive information remains private and secure.

Be sure to review all application information to ensure that the information is correct, prior to entering credit card information or submitting the application.

There is a $20 application fee, which is due at the time that the contractor submits their online application.

If the contractor has questions or needs help with the online application process, call the Board at:



Toll Free: 1-888-218-5925

The Board is able to answer questions Monday through Friday between 8am and 4:30pm.

The Board’s physical address is:

Maryland State Board of Master Electricians
500 N. Calvert Street
Room 201
Baltimore, MD 21202-3651

Contact the Board by Email

Visit the Board’s Website

How Long is a Maryland Electrical Contractor License Valid?

A Master Electrician license is good for a period of 2 years in the State of Maryland.  All licenses expire 2 years from the date that they were originally issued.

The cost to renew a Master Electrician license is $25.

The Board mails out renewal notices and instructions approximately 60 days before the license is set to expire.

Contractors who have not received a renewal notice within 30 days before their license is set to expire, should contact the Board at:


For more information about license renewal, please visit the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation website.

Table of Fees

Fee What is it For? When is it Due?
$65 Cost to take the Maryland Master Electrician Exam Upon submitting the exam registration form
$65 Cost to re-take the Maryland Master Electrician Exam Upon re-registering to take the exam
$20 Application fee to apply for a Master Electrician License Upon submitting the online license application
$25 Renewal fee for a Master Electrician License Every 2 years upon renewal

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