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Electrical Contractor Licensing in Missouri- By City

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Electrical Contractors are licensed at the local-level, rather than the state-level, in the State of Missouri.  Local jurisdictions set licensing and permit requirements for Electrical Contractors.

Before beginning work on an electrical project in Missouri, it is important that contractors contact their local planning or building department to determine what is required.  Most cities and counties require contractors to obtain a license, pass a competency exam and obtain the proper forms of insurance and bonding.  Additionally contractors must obtain permits and undergo inspections for their projects.

Below is a brief explanation of the licensing and permitting process for some of the larger cities in the State of Missouri.

Kansas City, MO

Electrical Contractors in Kansas City, MO are required to obtain a license from the City Planning & Development’s Contractor Licensing Branch.  There are 3 different license classifications offered to Electrical Contractors:

  1. Class I License- allows contractors to install, alter or repair any type of electrical equipment
  2. Class II License- allows contractors to maintain and repair equipment on an existing property/facility. Contractors may install, extend, assemble or connect existing circuits of 10 feet or less
  3. Class III License- allows contractors to work on low-voltage power equipment, such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, sound communication and remote-control equipment.

In order to obtain a license, contractors must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Hold a high school diploma or GED equivalent. In some cases, work experience may take the place of education.
  • Have the skills, knowledge and work experience needed to perform electrical contracting work, as deemed by the Department
  • Pass a qualifying examination prior to submitting a license application. Acceptable test vendors include, Prometric Inc. and exams administered by the International Code Council (ICC).
  • Employ a full-time qualified supervisor to oversee all trade work. This person may be the business owner or a full-time managerial employee.  They must hold a certificate of qualification and oversee all electrical work.  In order to obtain a certificate, contractors/supervisors must submit a certificate application to the Department, along with their passing exam scores, reference questionnaire and the non-refundable $55 application fee.  Certificates are renewed every 4 years for $167.

Once the contractor meets all the requirements, passes the exam and holds a certificate/ employs a certificate-holder, they must complete and submit a license application.

There is a $55 license application fee.  Additionally, contractors are required to pay a $167 licensing fee once their application is accepted.  Licenses are renewed every 4 years for $167.

In addition to holding an Electrical Contractor license, all businesses are required to hold Business License from the city’s Finance Department.  For more information about Business Licenses, contact the Finance Department at:


Once the contractor holds a valid, active license, they will be able to obtain the proper permits for their projects and undergo inspections.   For more information, please contact:

Permits Division: 816-513-1456

Inspections Division: 816-513-1536


Visit the Kansas City Planning and Development website.

For more information about the licensing process for Electrical Contractors in Kansas City, MO, or to obtain a copy of the license or certificate application, contact the City Planning & Development Services at:


City Planning & Development
Development Services
Contractor Licensing Branch
414 East 12th Street
5th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64106

Office Hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm



Kansas City Contractor Licensing web page


Contractor Licensing & Certification Requirements Information Bulletin


St. Louis, MO

Electrical Contractors in St. Louis, MO are required to obtain a license and pass a qualifying exam through the St. Louis Board of Electrical Examiners. The Board evaluates applications and makes sure that contractors have the skills needed to perform electrical work.

Contractors may download a copy of the license application from the St. Louis County website.

Contractors are required to meet the following qualifications at the time that they submit their application:

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must have a minimum of 12,000 hours of practical work experience installing electrical wiring, equipment and material. A mixture of education and work experience is also acceptable.  Contractors must submit documented proof of their education/work experience along with their application, such as W2s and notarized letters detailing their experience.  More information about acceptable work experiences and education are found at:
    St. Louis County Contractor License Requirements and Regulations
  • Contractors must take and pass a recognized National Electric Code course, 24 months prior to submitting their license application.
  • All contractors must employ a full-time licensed supervisor to oversee their work. This person is responsible for ensuring that all work performed is in compliance with St. Louis County electrical code.

Be sure to submit the application, along with the $20 application processing fee, before the deadline.  Once submitted, applications are reviewed within 30 days.

If the contractor’s application is accepted, they will receive information about taking the exam.  All contractors have 3 attempts within a 12 month period to take and pass the exam.  The minimum passing score is 75%.

Once the contractor passes the exam, they will receive information about activating their license.  In order to activate a license, contractors must prove that they hold:

  • $10,000 indemnifying bond
  • $500,000 in liability insurance

Contractors are also required to hold the proper permits and undergo inspections for their projects.  For more information, please visit:

For more information about the licensing process for Electrical Contractors in St. Louis, MO, please call:


St. Louis County Board of Electrical Examiners
41 S. Central Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63105


Visit the St. Louis County website:

Licensing & Code Commitees

Electrical Licensing

Contractor Licenses Requirements and Regulations

Springfield, MO

Anyone conducting business within the city limits of Springfield, MO is required to hold a business license from the city’s Finance Department, including Electrical Contractors.

A license is needed at least 2 weeks before the contractor begins to conduct business.  In addition to obtaining a license, electrical contractors are also required to meet various requirements and obtain special approvals before they begin conducting business.

For example, some contracting businesses are required to:

  • Hold a Master Electricians License
  • Be in business for at least 2 years prior to submitting an application
  • Be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Provide proof of general liability and workers compensation insurance
  • Agree not to subcontract work
  • Ensure that all company vehicles bear the business’ name and logo

All fees are non-refundable, and due at the time the contractor submits their license application.  Business licenses are good for a period of one year, expiring each year on January 31st.

To obtain an application, and to get more information about the licensing process for Electrical Contractors in the City of Springfield, MO, please call:


Finance Department
Busch Municipal Building
840 Boonvillle
1st Floor
Springfield, MO 65802

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm



Springfield Metro Licenses & Permits

City of Springfield Business Licensing

Independence, MO

Electrical Contractors working in the City of Independence, MO are required to hold a license, pass an examination and obtain the proper permits for their projects.

The city offers the following license classifications to electrical contractors:

  • Journeyman Electrical (JE)
  • Master Electrical (ME)

For more information about the licensing and examination process, contact the Independence Board of Electrical Examiners at:



Visit their website

Once contractors are properly licensed, they must obtain the proper permits for their projects.  All electrical work performed within the City of Independence requires a permit.

In order to obtain a permit, contractors must complete an online application and provide information about their projects and a description of their work.

For more information about the examination, licensing and permitting process for Electrical Contractors in Independence, MO, please call or visit:


City of Independence Community Development Department
Building Inspections Division
111 East Maple
Independence, MO 64050

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