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General Contractor Licensing in Illinois- By City

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The State of Illinois, as a whole, does not regulate the construction industry.  Instead, individual cities and municipalities have created laws to regulate general contractors in Illinois.  Before a contractor begins work on any residential or commercial project, they must first check with their city or county to see what permits and licenses they are required to hold.

Any regulation that the city sets is put in place to protect the public. These laws ensure that any work and service offered by general contractors is of the highest quality, and meets the appropriate safety standards.

Below are some of the regulations and laws set by some of the larger cities in Illinois.  However, each city and municipality will have its own specific laws, so be sure to check the regulations before securing and construction work in the State of Illinois.

Chicago, IL

General contractors in the City of Chicago are required to hold a license from the city.  Licenses are issued by the City of Chicago Department of Buildings.  Licenses are issued once a year.

There are different license classifications, labeled A through E which determines the size and value of the projects that contractors are allowed to work on.  The license fees also vary depending which classification the contractor is applying for.

The City of Chicago is committed to quality construction work and the safety of their residents.  They also promote the conservation, renovation and reuse of existing buildings and structures, when possible.

For more information on obtaining a general contractor license in the City of Chicago, go to:


Aurora, IL

The City of Auroa, IL requires general contractors to become licensed before they begin working on any construction project.  Licenses are issued through the City of Aurora Public Works Department.

In addition to applying for a license from the city, general contractors are required to pass a test, provide at least three job references, submit proof of general liability and worker’s compensation insurance and post a bond.  Fees vary depending on the license classification the contractor is applying for.

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For a table of license classifications and fees, please visit:


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Rockford, IL

The Community and Economic Development Department regulates general contractors in the City of Rockford, IL.  Before starting any work on a construction project, general contractors must hold a Residential Building Permit.  Permits authorize general contractors to perform work on one and two family homes and accessory buildings.

A Residential Building Permit is needed for every project the contractor intends to perform.  On the application, contractors are required to report on the nature and type of work they plan to do.

For a copy of the application, please visit: