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Home Improvement Contractor Registration in Connecticut

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The State of Connecticut regulates their construction industry by requiring anyone performing work on a construction project to register with the Department of Consumer Protection.  The Connecticut Home Improvement Act states that any person or business contracting work on residential properties must hold a Home Improvement Contractor Registration, unless the project they are working on is worth less than $1,000 over a 12 month period or the contract is less than $200,000.

To register as a Home Improvement Contractor in Connecticut, applicants must complete an application, pay the fee and pay into the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund.  It is also important to get a copy of “The Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor” booklet to become familiar with laws and business practices in the state.

*Unlike other states, Connecticut does not have an education or examination requirement for contractors to become registered.

Registration Classifications in Connecticut

The State of Connecticut offers three different registration classifications for contractors:

  1. Home Improvement Contractor- allows contractors to perform work on residential properties.  Connecticut defines “home improvement” as any permanent change to a residential property.
  2. Home Improvement Salesperson- allows the person to solicit or negotiate home improvement services on behalf of a Home Improvement Contractor.
  3. New Home Construction Contractor- allows contractors to participate in the construction of new homes, apartment buildings and condominiums.

For more information on registering as a Home Improvement Salesperson, visit:


For more information about registering as a New Home Construction Contractor please call the Department of Consumer Protection at: (860)-713-6110 OR   1-800-842-2649.

Process to Obtain Home Improvement Registration in Connecticut

  1. Obtain a copy of the Home Improvement Contractor Application.
  2. Applicants must fill out the application and have it notarized
  3. Applicants must submit the application to the Department of Consumer Protection along with all required documents and fees
  4. Applicants are required to submit a payment to the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund in addition to the application fee
  5. Applicants must wait to contract or begin working on Home Improvement projects until the Department reviews their application and mails them their registration.

Preparing to Submit an Application

For a copy of the Home Improvement Contractor Application, please visit:


Be sure to read over the entire application, including the instructions before filling anything out.  The instruction portion of the application contains Frequently Asked Questions about the application and registration process.  The application instructions also provide special instructions for applying based on the applicant’s business type.  For example there are special instructions for:

  • Individuals/Sole Proprietors
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Corporations

Applicants should also to get a copy of the Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor booklet.  The booklet contains information about Connecticut contracting laws and business practices.  It also provides important information about the registration and renewal process.  For a copy of the booklet, visit:



Call the Department of Consumer Protection at: (860)-713-6110 or toll free at 1-800-842-2649

Fill out the application typing or printing in blue or black ink.  All information provided on the application must be truthful and accurate.

There is a $120 registration fee which must be submitted along with the application.

All contractors are also required to submit $100 to the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund.  The guaranty fund acts as a form of insurance to protect the consumer in the event of loss or damage to their property during construction.

The registration fee and guaranty fund fee may be combined into one payment of $220.  The Department of Consumer Protection accepts payments in the form of check or money order, made payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut.”

Any business that is applying as a corporation, LLC or LLP has the added task of registering with the Connecticut Secretary of State.  These business types are required to submit their acceptance letter from the Secretary of State along with their application, proving that they are in good standing.  They are also required to submit a copy of their business’ Articles of Organization along with the application.  For more information about registering with the Secretary of State, visit:



Call (860)-509-6200

For further assistance or question about the application, contact the Registration Info License Services Department at:


Or email: Licence.services@ct.gov

Submitting an Application

Applicants have the choice of submitting their application in-person or by mail.  Before submitting, all applicants must have their application signed and notarized.

Applications may be notarized by the following people:

  • Notary Public
  • Attorney
  • Justice of the Peace

If the applicant decides to submit their application in-person, they may have their application notarized at the office for no additional charge.  When submitting the application in-person, applicants also have the option of paying the registration and guaranty fees in cash.

When submitting the completed application, documents and fees in-person OR by mail, use the following address:

Department of Consumer Protection
License Services Division
165 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

When submitting the application in-person, bring along a valid photo ID and proof of address.  The office is located on the first floor of the State Office Building in Room 110, labeled “Consumer Action Center.”

It takes the Department of Consumer Protection approximately 3 weeks to review, approve and issue the registration card.  If the submitted application is incomplete, the Department will contact the applicant for additional info.  Contractors may not begin work or contract projects until they receive their registration card in the mail.

Once the contractor receives their Home Improvement Contractor Registration, they must adhere to the following rules:

  • Contractors must present their registration card to customers and potential customers at their request
  • Contractors must put their registration number on all business-related materials including contracts, business cards, vehicles and advertising.
  • Contractors must create a written contract, free of charge, for their clients.  The home-owner and contractor must both sign the contract
  • Written contracts must state the entire agreement between the contractor and client, including the start and end-date of the project, and the client’s right to cancel the project with 3-days-notice.  The contract must also contain the contractor’s name, address and their registration number.
*Home Improvement Contractor registration certificates are nontransferable.  
*Connecticut expanded the State Fire Code in 2012, requiring all Home Improvement Contractors to make sure that there is a smoke detector and carbon monoxide monitor present in any home where the residents are present throughout the duration of the construction project.  

How Long is Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor Registration Valid?

Home Improvement Contractor Registration is good for 1 year in the State of Connecticut.  All registration certificates expire on November 30th of each year.  The Department of Consumer Protection will mail out renewal notices approximately 30 to 45 days before the registration is set to expire.

Renewal notices will contain a username and password, along with instructions for contractors to renew their registration online.  Registrations are renewed online at:


It is the responsibility of the contractor to renew their registration within a timely fashion.  Contractors are not able to continue or contract work with an expired registration.  Be sure to renew as soon as possible, prior to November 30th, to allow time for processing.

If the contractor does not receive a renewal notice in the mail, call the Department at:


Contractors may use their renewal application to report any changes in the business, such as the name of the business or the business address.  However, if the contractor decides to change their business type (i.e. corporation, partnership etc.) they must submit a new registration application.

There is a renewal fee of $120.   Contractors are also required to submit $100 to the Home Improvement Guaranty Fund at the time that they renew their registration.

*If the contractor holds a Home Improvement Contractor Registration AND a New Home Construction registration, they are required to submit a fee of $480 to the guaranty fund every other year.  
*If the contractor has any criminal convictions at the time of renewal, they must fill out the Criminal Conviction Application Worksheet (CHRO) and submit it with their renewal application.  

Table of Fees

$120 Registration application fee Upon submitting the registration application
$100 Home Improvement Contractor’s Guaranty Fund Fee Upon submitting the registration application
$120 Registration Renewal Fee Upon submitting the registration renewal application
$100 Home Improvement Contractor’s Guaranty Fund Fee for Registration Renewal Upon submitting the registration renewal application
$480 Guaranty Fee for Contractors with a Home Improvement Registration AND New Home Construction Registration Every other year upon submitting the registration renewal application