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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Maryland

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The State of Maryland does not hold reciprocal licensing agreements for general contractors licensed in other states.  This is because the license classification offered and the examination required is specific to laws, standards and regulations in Maryland only.

Out-of-state contractors who want to work on homes and condominiums in the State of Maryland are required to obtain a Home Improvement Contractor License from the Maryland Home Improvement Commission.

As part of the licensing process, contractors are required to:

  • Prove 2 years of work experience
  • Prove financial responsibility
  • Pass the Maryland Home Improvement Contractor Exam
  • Obtain the proper forms of insurance
  • Complete and submit an application

For more information about obtaining a Home Improvement Contractor License in the State of Maryland, please visit: Home Improvement Contractor Licensing in Maryland

*The Maryland Home Improvement Commission offers a free workshop on the 3rd Thursday of each even-numbered month at 2pm.  The workshop covers the licensing process and requirements for obtaining a license.  Registration is not required.  The workshop is located at 500 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. 

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