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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Mississippi

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The State of Mississippi holds reciprocal license agreements for General Contractors licensed in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Louisiana
  • South Carolina
  • Arkansas
  • Tennessee

Reciprocal agreements with the states listed above allow General Contractors to obtain a license to work on construction projects in Mississippi without having to take and pass the MS Trade Exam.  This is due to the similarities in the information covered on the reciprocal state’s Trade Examinations.

Reciprocal License Classifications in Mississippi

General Contractors have the option of obtaining a license or certificate of responsibility in the State of Mississippi, depending on the type of work they plan to perform.  Licenses and certificates are issued by the Mississippi State Board of Contractors (MSBOC).

A license is required to work on any residential project over $10,000; or any commercial project over $50,000.  The MSBOC offers the following classifications to General Contractors:

  • Residential Remodeling/ Residential Roofing License- allows contractors to work on residential properties and commercial properties under 7500 square feet.
  • Commercial Contractor Certificate of Responsibility- allows contractors to specialize in various commercial sub-classifications, such as building, mechanical, heavy construction, highway and bridge construction, etc.

Out-of-state contractors must apply for one of the above license classifications with the MSBOC and meet all the requirements.

Reciprocal Requirements in Mississippi

  • All contractors must hold a current, active license in one of the reciprocal states for the past 3 consecutive years. Licenses must be in good -standing with the contractor’s home-state licensing board, and free from any disciplinary actions.
  • Contractors must complete a verification form proving that they hold a license in one of the reciprocal states. A portion of this form must be completed by the contractor’s home-state licensing board.  For a copy of this form, please visit the Mississippi State Board of Contractors Reciprocity Information
  • Contractors must fill out and complete an application for a Residential License or Commercial Certificate of Responsibility and submit the application to the MSBOC along with all the required documents and fees. Use the links below to download a copy of the application:
  • Submit all references and list all work experiences as the application requests. Commercial Contractors must provide 3 letters of reference and list at least 3 work experiences related to the sub-classification for which they are applying.
  • Commercial Contractor applicants must meet the financial requirement for net worth. All Commercial Contractors must prove that they have a net worth of $50,000.  When applying for a specialty classification, the net worth requirement is only $20,000.
  • All contractors must obtain the appropriate tax numbers for their business and register with the Mississippi Secretary of State if their business is an LLC or corporation. Contractors must also obtain the proper forms of insurance, including general liability and worker’s compensation.
  • Contractors must take and pass the Mississippi Business and Law exam, administered by PSI Services. Commercial contractors have the option of choosing someone within their business to act as a qualifying party and take the exam on their company’s behalf.

Reciprocity Exams in Mississippi

Agreements between Mississippi and its reciprocal states allows for a waiver of the MS Trade Exam.  However, all contractors are required to take and pass the MS Business and Law exam.  The exam is administered by PSI Services.

Contractors must pass this exam with a minimum score of 70%.

PSI’s Candidate Information Bulletin contains all the information needed to register for, prepare for and appear for the exam, including the exam registration form and a list of suggested study materials.  The bulletin also contains information about what references are allowed inside the testing center on the day of the open-book exam.

Further Information About Reciprocity in Mississippi

For more information about obtaining a reciprocal license to work as an out-of-state contractor in Mississippi, visit the Board of Contractors Reciprocity Information page


Call: 601-354-6161
Toll Free: (800) 880-6161


Email: info@msboc.us

*Mississippi contractors who hold a license with the MSBOC and wish to obtain a reciprocal license in another state must determine if that state holds a reciprocity agreement with Mississippi.  They must then obtain and complete the proper forms and obtain verification of their license with the MSBOC. Details for reciprocity agreements in other state are available by using the state links in the side bar.

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