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Missouri General Contractor Regulations – By City

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Missouri does not regulate the construction industry at the state level.  The only contractors who are required to hold a state license are Asbestos Contractors.  Instead, General Contractors are required to check the local regulations and requirements of their county, city or municipality.

Many cities in the State of Missouri require any person or business engaging in construction activity to hold a license or permit.  In some cases, contractors are also required to pass an exam and hold the proper insurance and bonding.

Below are the local regulations for some of the larger cities in Missouri.  However, it is important that all contractors check their local laws before beginning any construction project.

Kansas City, MO

The City Planning and Development Department’s Permit Division is responsible for issuing licenses and registrations to General Contractors in Kansas City, Mo.  General Contractors are required to hold a Residential Building Contractor license in order to build, alter or repair one and two-family homes and accessory buildings.  In order to be eligible for a license, contractors must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have their high school diploma, GED or equivalent work experience
  • Hold general liability insurance
  • Post a cash bond with the Finance Department
  • Pass an examination
  • Pay the application and insurance fee and submit an application to the City Planning and Development Department

Before completing the application, all contractors are required to choose a full-time employee or supervisor within their company to represent the business.  This person can also be the owner or partner of the business.  They are responsible for meeting the requirements, completing the application and reference questionnaire and having everything notarized.

All contractors are required to pass an examination with Prometric or ICC.  They are also required to prove that they hold general liability insurance in the minimum aggregate amount of $1,000,000 and post a cash bond with the Finance Department.  The Finance Department is located on the 3rd floor of City Hall.

To contact the Finance Department, call: (816)-513-1500.

For more information about contractor licensing requirements, visit:


There is a $55.00 application fee that contractors must submit along with their licensing application.  The $55.00 fee is a one-time-fee and nonrefundable.  Contractors are also required to pay a $167.00 insurance fee.

A Kansas City Residential Building Contractor’s License is good for 4 years.  Licenses are renewed every 4 years.  Contractors are required to pay the $167.00 insurance fee during every renewal period.

Once the contractor meets all the requirements, it is time to complete the licensing application with the Department.  The Contractors Licensing Branch is located on the 5th floor of City Hall:

City Planning & Development
Development Services
Contractor Licensing Branch
City Hall # 503
414 East 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106

They accept walk-in applicants Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

For more information about General Contractor Licensing in Kansas City, MO:

Call: (816)-513-1500

Fax: (816)-513-1456

Or visit:


St Louis, MO

General contractors in St. Louis, MO are required to hold a Graduated Business License from the city.  Contractors are also required to prove that they hold the proper insurance and tax identification numbers.

*A separate Graduated Business License is needed for each business location, trade or name.

For a copy of the Graduated Business License Application, please visit:


Applications are also available for pick-up, in-person at the License Collector’s office at City Hall:

City Hall Room 104
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

In addition to filling out the application, contractors are also required to:

  • Obtain a State Tax Number if the contractor also plans on selling materials or products.  For more information call: (314)-877-0177


Visit: https://dors.mo.gov/tax/coreg/index.jsp

  • Obtain clearance from the Collector of Revenue.  This office is also located in City Hall, Room 410.
  • If the contractor’s office is located within the city limits of St. Louis, they must also obtain an Occupancy Permit from the Building Division at City Hall in Room 425.
  • At the time that they drop off their application, contractors must prove that they hold worker’s compensation insurance.  If the contractor does not plan on employing workers, and does not need to hold worker’s compensation, they must fill out the Worker’s Compensation Affidavit Form.  For a copy of the this form, please click the link below:


The license application and all required documentation must be submitted to the License Collector’s office at City Hall, along with the required fees.  License fees are due as follows:

  • When applying between June 1st and January 1st- $200
  • When applying after January 1st through May 31st- $100
  • Contractors are also required to pay a Graduated Business License Tax based on the number of workers they plan to employ during the year- the cost is anywhere between $200 for zero to 2 employees; and $37,500 for more than 500 employees.

For more information about licensing fees and the Graduated Business License Tax, please visit:


*When fees are paid by check, the License Collector may wait to issue the license until all checks have cleared.  

Graduated Business Licenses are good for a period of one year, June 1st through May 31st.  Licenses must be kept current and up-to-date with all taxes paid to remain effective.  They are renewed once per year.

For more information about obtaining a Graduated Business License in the City of St. Louis, MO:


Springfield, MO

The Department of Building is responsible for ensuring contractors follow the proper state and federal codes for building construction in the City of Springfield, Mo.  General contractors are required to hold a license from the city, as well as the proper insurance, bonding and permits if they plan to contract construction projects within the city limits.

Licenses are issued by the city’s Finance Division.  The Finance Division is also responsible for assisting contractors with the licensing process.  Applications are due at least 2 weeks before the contractor begins accepting jobs or working on construction projects.

To obtain a copy of the application, please call: (417)-864-1617


Visit the office of the licensing division Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm at:

Busch Municipal Building
840 Boonville
Springfield, MO 65802

At the time that they submit their application, contractors must:

  • Meet all the requirements and prior approvals
  • Provide proof of bonding and insurance in the proper amounts
  • Obtain the proper tax and employer identification numbers
  • Pay the proper licensing fee

Additionally, the proper permits are needed to begin work on a construction project in the City of Springfield.  Commercial and residential permits are available depending on the type of project.  For more information about permits, or to download a copy of the permit application, please click the link below.  This link also includes a schedule of fees:


For more information about obtaining a General Contractor license in the City of Springfield, please visit:


Independence, MO

The City of Independence, MO requires General Contractors to hold a license to contract construction projects within the city limits.  Options are available for both commercial and residential contractors.  In addition to a license, contractors are also required to hold the proper permits and undergo the appropriate inspections for their project.

For convenience, the City of Independence offers an online Business Services Portal, where General Contractors can create an account and access City Hall’s services 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  License fees are payable online by Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

For more information on obtaining a General Contractor’s license in Independence, MO, and to access the Business Services Portal, click the link below:


For additional forms, applications and permits please visit: