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Oklahoma General Contractor Regulations

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Oklahoma does not handle the licensing of General Contractors at the state-level.  The only contractors who are required to obtain a license from the state are Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors.  Instead, counties and cities throughout Oklahoma have created their own codes and ordinances for General Contractors.  In most cases, General Contractors in the State of Oklahoma are required to submit construction plans and obtain building permits.  However, before beginning work on a construction project, it is important to check the local county or city laws.

Below are some of the rules and regulations for General Contractors in some of the larger cities in the State of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City, OK

In order to perform construction work on one and two-family homes and accessory buildings in Oklahoma City, contractors are required to hold a Residential Building Permit from the Development Services Department.  Contractors are required to fill out a building permit application, and submit 3 complete sets of project plans.

For a copy of the Building Permit Application, please visit:


Before completing the application, contractors should review the Residential Checklist to make sure that they have all the required information for the application.  For a copy of the checklist, please click the link below:


As the checklist notes, contractors are required to provide the following information:

  • Address and information for the building they plan to work on
  • Contractor’s basic information
  • Legal description
  • Type of permit they wish to obtain
  • Description of the proposed and existing uses of the building
  • Building square footage and estimated cost of the project
  • Height of building including the number of stories
  • Contact person phone and fax number

At the time that they submit their completed application, contractors are also required to provide 3 complete sets of project plans detailing the following information:

  • Floor Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Footing and Foundation Plan
  • Wall Sections
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Structural Plans
  • Applicable Seals and Certifications
*Further information about plan details are found in the Submittal Requirements Checklist.  

Plans must be drawn to scale and must be submitted on paper, a minimum of 18×24 inches in size.  If the contractor is submitting plans for a larger building, with a structural span of 30 feet or more, they are required to consult with an Oklahoma-licensed architect or engineer.  The Development Center staff are knowledgeable and able to advise contractors about when an architect or engineer is needed.

Contractors are required to pay a $76 preliminary fee for the review of their project at the time that they submit their application and plans.

Submit the completed application and plans to:

Development Services Department
Development Center
420 West Main Street
8th Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

The Development Center staff reviews project plans to make sure they do not break any zoning, engineering, building or traffic codes.  For more information about the plan review, please visit:


Once the Development Center reviews the plans, contractors must pay a submittal and permit fee before receiving their permit.  Submittal fees are 50% of the permit fee, with the minimum being $25 and the maximum being $2,750.  To view the permit fee schedule, click the link below:


For more information about obtaining a Residential Building Permit in Oklahoma City, contact the Development Center staff at:



Visit: http://www.okc.gov/devservices/buildpermits/residential/index.html

Tulsa, OK

In the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma contractors are required to hold a prequalification license, as well as the proper building permits and bonding before beginning work on a construction project.  Licenses and permits are issued by The City of Tulsa Development Services.  General Contractors are required to choose a class “A” prequalification license.

For a copy of the prequalification license application and checklist, please follow the link below and click on the highlighted text which says, “prequalification process.” The application and checklist will download as a Word document:


The cost to receive a license is $225.  Development Services accepts payment in the form of checks made out to “The City of Tulsa.” Contractors are also required to complete the following steps and submit the following documents along with their application:

  • Have the application signed by a notary public
  • Provide an audited financial statement
  • Provide a statement of surety proving the contractor is properly bonded
  • Submit a letter addressed to the City of Tulsa (on the contractor’s company letterhead) authorizing a release of the contractor’s credit history and bank information
  • Sign and date the application
  • If the contractor does not live in Tulsa County, they must choose someone living within the county limits to represent their business

Submit the completed application, documents and fee to:

City Clerk’s Office
The City of Tulsa
One Technology Center
175 E. 2nd Street, Suite 260
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

For information about obtaining the proper surety bonds, or other general questions about the application process, call:


For more information about obtaining the proper building permits for a residential project, please click the link below:


For information about obtaining the proper building permits for a commercial project, please click the link below:


For more information about obtaining a license or permit as a General Contractor in the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, please visit:


Norman, OK

Before a contractor may construct, alter, remove or add onto any building in the City of Norman, Oklahoma, they must obtain a building permit.  Building permits are needed for all projects, with the exception of basic repairs.  A permit is also needed to work on storm shelters and accessory buildings with a permanent foundation, or accessory buildings larger than 108 square feet.

To obtain an application for a building permit, visit the Development Services Division of the Department of Planning and Community Development:

Norman Municipal Complex
201-A West Gray Street
Norman, OK 73069


Call: (405)-366-5339

Contractors are required to complete and submit a building permit application along with 2 complete sets of construction plans and the building permit fee.  The permit fee is calculated at 14 cents per square foot of the project, with the minimum fee being $50.  Contractors are also required to pay a $4 fee to the Oklahoma Uniform Building Commission.

For a schedule of fees for one and two-family residential projects, please visit:


For a schedule of fees for commercial, industrial and multi-family dwellings projects, please visit:


Building permits are good for a period of 6 months in Norman, OK.  For more information about obtaining a building permit, and submitting the appropriate construction plans to receive a permit, please visit:


Edmond, OK

General Contractors working in the City of Edmond, Oklahoma must obtain a building permit from the city before they begin working on a construction project.  Permits are needed to add, remove, remodel or construct the structural framework of buildings within the city limits.  A permit is also required to work on accessory buildings of 200 square feet or more.

Click the links below for the following applications:

Residential Building Permit: http://www.edmondok.com/index.aspx?NID=753

Commercial Building Permit: http://www.edmondok.com/index.aspx?NID=753

These links also contain detailed information about the construction project plans needed.  Contractors are required to submit a set of construction plans, drawn to scale, for both commercial and residential projects.

It takes approximately 48 hours to receive a residential building permit, and up to 14 business days when applying for a commercial building permit.  At the time that the permit is approved, contractors are responsible for paying the fee to receive their permit.  Fees vary, based on the project type.  For a schedule of fees, please visit:


*Commercial contractors are required to display their building permit and keep copies of the approved building plans at the construction site at all times.  

Applications and fees are submitted to the City of Edmond Building Code and Inspection Services between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, at:

10 S. Litter Avenue
Edmond OK, 73084

For additional information or questions about obtaining a building permit in the City of Edmond, OK, please call;



Visit: http://www.edmondok.com/index.aspx?nid=191