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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Washington

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The State of Washington holds reciprocal agreements with the following states:

  • Oregon
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming


These agreements relate to workers compensation insurance only.  If an out-of-state contractor plans to work on a construction project in the State of Washington, their current worker’s compensation policy may carry over to protect them while working in Washington.

Reciprocity agreements between Washington and the states listed above help to determine which state is responsible for paying workers compensation benefits in the event that a worker is injured on the job.

Before beginning work on a construction project in Washington, contractors must contact the Department of Labor & Industries, as some agreements may vary or have exclusions.

For more information, please call:



Visit: Washington Department of Labor & Industries- Out of State Coverage


Reciprocal Agreements and Contractor Registration

All out-of-state contractors must contact the Washington Department of Labor & Industries to determine if they need to register their business before beginning work on a construction project.

The State of Washington requires all general contractors to register with the Department.  As part of the registration process, contractors are required to:

  • Register with the Washington Secretary of State (LPs, LLPs, LLC and corporations only)
  • Obtain the proper business and tax identification numbers
  • Obtain general liability insurance and post a surety bond
  • Complete and submit an Application for Contractor Registration to the Department of Labor & Industries, along with all the required documents and fees.


For more information please call:



Email: berp23@Lni.wa.gov


*Washington Contractors who hold an active registration from the Department of Labor & Industries and want to perform construction work in another state must contact that state’s licensing board to determine if they hold reciprocal agreements with the State of Washington. 

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