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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Arizona

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The State of Arizona holds a limited reciprocal licensing agreement for General Contractors in Utah.  This limited agreement allows Utah-licensed contractors to obtain a license from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ARC) without having to pass the Arizona Trade Exam.

Reciprocity exists between Arizona and Utah because the license classifications, scope of work and requirements between the two states are similar.

The ARC may also waive the trade exam upon request for General Contractors licensed in California, Nevada and other states, if their license classification, scope of work and state’s trade examination are equivalent to the Arizona Trade Exam.

Reciprocal License Classifications in Arizona

The trade exam waiver in Arizona only exists through reciprocity with Utah, or by request, for General Contractors licensed in other states.  All contractors are responsible for proving that they hold a valid license from their state’s licensing board, in a similar classification, compared to those offered in Arizona.

The ARC offers the following license classifications to General Contractors:

  • Class B- General Residential Contractor- for residential work, including homes and accessory buildings
  • Class B-01- General Commercial Contractor- for construction projects of any kind
  • Class B-02- General Small Commercial Contractor- for construction projects of any kind, with a limit of $750,000 including labor and materials.

Reciprocal Requirements in Arizona

All contractors must meet the following requirements in order to qualify for a waiver of examination through Reciprocity with Utah:

  • Contractors must hold a valid license, in good standing with the Utah State Licensing Board for the past 5 consecutive years
  • Contractors must have passed the Utah State Trade Examination
  • All contractors must take and pass the Arizona Business Management Exam, administered by PSI Services LLC
  • Contractors must complete and submit a license application to the ARC, along with all the required documents and fees.
  • Contractors must request and submit a license verification form, from the Utah State Licensing Board. Submit this form along with the license application, in its original sealed, unopened envelope.

To request an exam waiver as a contractor licensed in California, Nevada or another state, please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete an Application to Waive a Trade Exam.
  2. Contractors must provide a description of their license classification and scope of work in the state in which they are currently licensed
  3. Contractors must provide proof that they hold a valid, active license in good standing for the past 5 years.  This includes providing proof of the license status and history
  4. Contractors must provide their passing exam results for their state’s trade exam

Reciprocal Exams in Arizona

Contractors who qualify for a waiver of examination for the Arizona Trade Exam, either through reciprocity or a waiver request, are still required to take the Business Management exam.

All contractors are required to pass the Arizona Business Management Exam because the information covered on the test pertains to laws and statutes in the State of Arizona.

The Arizona Business Management Exam is administered by PSI Services LLC.

Further Information About Reciprocity in Arizona

For more information about reciprocity or exam waiver requests in the State of Arizona, please contact the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ARC) at:



Visit their website.

*Arizona contractors who hold a license from the ARC and wish to work out-of-state must contact the licensing board in the state where they plan to work to determine if reciprocity is offered. Or click the state link on this site to learn about their licensing and reciprocity processes.

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