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Reciprocal General Contractor Licensing in Maine

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The State of Maine does not have reciprocal licensing agreements with other states for General Contractors.  This is because the licensing of contractors is handled on the local-level rather than the state-level in Maine.

Out-of-State contractors who want to work on construction projects in Maine must check with the local building or planning department in their city, town or county to determine what is required.  Most cities require contractors to obtain the proper building permits, submit construction plans and undergo plan reviews and inspections.

*General Contractors should always notify the local planning or building department if they hold a license in another state.

For more information about local building permit laws visit our page for General Contractors in the State of Maine.

*Please note that the State of Maine’s “Description of Home Construction Contract Law” requires all contractors to provide a written contract for their clients for any project of $3,000 or more.  This applies to all home construction and repair work.  Failure to do so may result in penalties and legal action. 

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